Name: Ian Aitken
Title: Director

Ian has been at the lighthouse since 2001 and is affectionately referred to as "The General" among staff & residents. Ian is responsible for the management of the Centre and the overall effectiveness of the 'Apprenticeship for Life' programme.

He ensures all aspect of the centre are running together smoothly and is responsible for liaising with local agencies, other charities who share the same site and the trustees of the Lighthouse Foundation.

Ian is accountable to and works under the guidance of the foundry church Leadership team.

Some of his duties include

  • Managing the daily duties of the support staff and volunteers
  • Reviewing training and development needs of the team.
  • Ensuring that relevant policies are in place and that appropriate standards are maintained
  • Dealing with more serious pastoral and disciplinary issues referred by the support staff and volunteers
  • Referrals, applications & admissions.


Ian is an avid Liverpool supporter, can often be seen frequenting local coffee shops, is partial to a caramel latte and loves classic black & white movies.